Concept One, Inc. is a company dedicated to improving your bottom line through corporate training, professional consultation, and executive coaching.


Concept One, Inc. will work hard to build your business stronger today so you will enjoy a more profitable tomorrow.


"There are risks and costs to a program of action.

But, they are far less than the long

range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."

- John F. Kennedy -



Understanding that your people are your greatest asset, Concept One, Inc. provides dynamic and engaging, yet still results-oriented workshops and trainings to take your staff to the next level.



Concept One, Inc. sets itself apart from its competitors by integrating human behavior awareness (how people approach tasks), what they value (why people do what they do) and generational understanding (motivations and influences) so that your company is targeting the right people with the appropriate message.



Concept One, Inc. understands the cost of having people in the wrong positions (two times the yearly salary!) and is your total solution when it comes to human resources needs.  Trained and certified in DISC, PIAV (Values/Motivators) and EQ, our consultants help you recruit and retain top talent.



If you desire a healthy company and a strong bottom line, you must have fit leaders.  Concept One, Inc. is available to equip and coach your leaders to reach their full potential.  


"Tell them something is impossible and watch them find a way to prove you wrong!  Hire them, and your business will reap numerous benefits in the years to come."


-Allen Arnold-


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