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Everyone has a story to tell. Some people decide to put theirs down in writing. If this is you, you have come to the right place! Concept Oneís has over 30 years experience in the book publishing industry, including acquisitions, product development, editing and proofreading, marketing and publicity, and sales. We consider handling a personís book an honor, and want to help you get your message out!

If you have a book idea and/or manuscript, contact us today! We welcome the opportunity to confidentially discuss your project and identify the next steps to getting you published.

Product Development

At Concept One, we know ideas can get stalled in the developmental stages. Our team of experts come alongside you to answer critical questions regarding the intended audience and purpose of your product. We then assist you with product content (what should be included and what should not), flow, format, and order.

Once the content is on the right course, we will guide you toward the right title and cover to convey the correct message to the proper audience. A book's title, subtitle, cover, and packaging are paramount to its success. We will help your book get seen and purchased.


Writing Coach

Even those who write well can use a little coaching to improve their work. Concept One writers are masters at coaching on how to write better. Although many writers donít put the extra effort in, a noticeable difference is seen when sentences are active rather than passive. Our coaches will help you avoid empty words and delete redundant phrases, yet, maintain your unique voice in your project.

Let our writing coaches help you enhance your writing skills and stay focused and motivated with your book!



Perhaps you have a story you wish to share, but you donít know the first thing about writing. Allow us the privilege of putting your message into written form. Concept One has a varied team of writers with different backgrounds. We will treat your concept with the utmost care and write in your voice with professionalism.


Editing and Proofreading

Once your book is written, Concept Oneís competent editors will ensure your work meets The Chicago Manual of Style guidelines (used for published books). Editors will correct, clean up, and tighten your writing without losing your voice.

When interior pages are created for your book, we will proofread them before they are sent to the printer to assure no mistakes were made. You book will be in good hands with us, and when it delivers, you will have a product to be proud of!


Marketing, Publicity, and Social Media

When the exciting day arrives when your book is hot off the printing press, Concept One is available to help you market and sell your book. We will formulate and successfully execute strategic marketing plans that maintain a low percentage of marketing dollars to net sales. Understanding publicity's role is to introduce your product to specific markets, to create awareness of the product and its origins, to announce special promotions, and to keep your product in front of buyers as often as possible, Concept Oneís consulting will ultimately result in your product selling through in all areas.

Social Marketing has become an important part of business. Concept One consultants have the experience and knowledge to guide you in selecting and implementing the right social media avenues for your individual needs.


Book Coaching

For those who wish to submit their manuscripts to publishing companies for consideration, Concept One will guide you through the pitch proposal and make recommendations for how to get published. Call us today to learn how!



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